Dear White Man,

Dear white man……

Dear white man, I have questions, and I need answers. What did we do wrong? You were killing us off like it’s nothing to you.

How did we get here?

What did we do wrong?

Dear white man, why do you treat us like this?

You brought us here against our will and made us slaves. You made us build this country you call home, but then you turn around to kill us off. How is that fair? Why do we deserve this kind of treatment?

Dear white man,

Tell me why you do us the way you do us? We have done nothing wrong. All we’ve done was walk home with a black hoodie on, but end up shot down and killed or selling cigarettes on the sidewalk trying to make an honest living.

Dear white man,

Why are you doing us the way you do us? Why you do the things you are doing to us, and we haven’t done anything to you.

Dear white man,

All we want is peace, love, and happiness. All we want is the American dream. But how can you have the American dream when the world you call America was stolen from someone else, that they killed, raped, and oppressed.

Dear white man,

Why are you doing us like this? I am scared to go outside and have fun with my kids because I live in an all-white neighborhood, and I don’t look like I belong. You might stop me, because you feel I don’t belong in this area, you might shoot me down in front of my kid because you think I am a threat. I’m just black man living good in an all-white neighborhood. Dear white man,

Tell me why that is okay—dear white man, I need answers. I need an explanation of why you do us the way you do us and why you treat us the way you treat us? Why are you killing us the way you are killing us. I just want to know why?

Dear white man,

Make this clear to me. You say we have equal rights, and you say we are equal, but we don’t get treated equally.

Dear white man,

Why are you are sentencing blacks to jail for life on their first offense, but the white man get a spank on the hand, sentenced to probation and get to go home to his family.

Dear white man,

Help me understand. Help me understand how any of this cruelness and wickedness is okay? I’m tired of seeing hashtags and black lives matter t-shirt. But how can you change a world that was built on racism? How can you change a world that supposes to be about equality that was built on hate, oppression, and slavery? How can you say you created this country for us, but when we were brought here, we were not consider human? Tell me, dear white man help me me understand? This BLACK MAN NEED ANSWERS

Dear White Man…

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