When Time Stood Still

I went in for my yearly checkup a couple of weeks ago. I went through the routine procedures and went on with my day. A couple of days of later I get a call from the nurse telling me that I had an abnormal pap smear. The nurse proceeds to say to me all of the things that could be wrong with me and what steps I need to take from here on out. As the nurse was talking to me, I begin to feel numb; I start to think about all the things that I would not be able to experience because my life is being cut short. When the nurse finished talking to me, she explained that I needed to come back in to run some test. I went back to the doctor’s office, and the doctor begins to check my body, and he discovered that something was wrong. He tells me that I had cancerous cells in my cervix and that they needed to be removed before they developed into cancer. The doctor was explaining all of my options and once I again I begin to think about the life that I would not have. I started thinking about children that I would not be able to have; I started thinking about spending my life in and out of the hospital because all I heard was cancer. It took my mom to explain to me that the doctor caught it before it became cancer, and they will remove the cancerous cells so that I can continue my life. She then told me that I still will be able to have a family and to live my life according to God’s plan. This moment made me realize how quickly we take life for granted and how quickly we assume that things cannot happen to us. I suffered from depression and this moment could have rapidly taken me back down that dark path, but instead, I begin to thank God for showing me who he was. We hear the saying,” Why do good things, happen to bad people,” and its simple. How can we know what the good life is if we never went through bad times? This moment made me humble of the life that I have and grateful for what is to come. I am scheduled for a LEAP procedure, where they will remove part of the cervix that has the cancerous cells. I pray that my procedure goes well and that I can continue to go on with my life. I wanted to share this story to stress the importance of getting a yearly checkup and to express that God sends you through some hard times so you can witness him move.

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